About Us

Welcome to BIG JET TV.

In the last 12 months we have established ourselves as the go to media channel for all things aviation. We specialise in social media targeted content through live production delivery, bringing an authentic and highly interactive experience directly to the devices of millions of Facebook, YouTube, Periscope and Twitter users around the world.

We stream twice weekly on a Wednesday and Saturday to BIG JET TV channels as well as our ‘partner channels’. Our partner channels include various facebook channels with whom we share our feed. These include enthusiast pages as well as news outlets such as Airlive.net, The Daily Express & and Der Spiegle magazine. See the full list here

We have adopted a highly mobile and high quality broadcast set-up, resulting in efficient and delay free production. Our equipment allows on-location video transmission over mobile networks by combining multiple 4G modems to give fast reliable upload speeds at a fraction of the size of alternatives. 

Direct interaction between Presenters and Viewers through the comments sections of the live videos allows each show to offer the viewer entertainment on two levels: content and interaction. This unique combination has enabled BIG JET TV to grow to hundreds of thousands of views per show since its launch in 2016.